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Meraki About us

About Meraki

Meraki Architecture was founded on the belief that architecture is less about designing spaces, and more about building relationships that translate into the interactions between the space and its surroundings, the objects within it, the people occupying it, and an interconnectedness of them all.

Perhaps, this underlying philosophy is what guides our approach for every project, as we enter it with a blank slate, and move on to bring out the balance of form and function in a manner that makes it feel effortless and unique in style.

Fully aware of the impact of our work on the comfort, ease, and productivity of the everyday experiences that occur within a space, our intent always stems from the need to build a narrative that allows room for self-expression within a unifying concept mindfully curated with tangible and intangible elements within a space.

Comprising a team of architects and designers that tie into the same mind space, the culture of the studio lies in its name Meraki – that loosely translates to the idea of creating something that comes from the depth of one’s soul, from a place of effort, creativity, and love. And as clichéd as it may appear, each one of us strongly believes that it is this aspect of wanting to create something that someone can truly find fulfillment in on a daily basis, that takes us forward on our journey and careers as both individuals, and a team together.